About us



We produce and sell high quality sands from our raw material, according to our customers´ needs and with maximal respect to the environment.


We will keep on building the good reputation of the company thanks to both an excellent quality of our sands and our attitude to the environment, health and safety and impact on the surrounding area.


Keep on increasing customer care and building good relations with both customers and suppliers.

Ensure maximal use of the raw material by upgrading production technology.

Constantly improving the work environment and by educating the employees to increase their professional skills. 

Communicate actively with surrounding villages as well as with interested organizations and citizens and to build strong partner relationships with them.

Continue in a responsible attitude to the environment and try to decrease the energy demands.





osh, ISO

Our long-term goals can only be achieved through satisfied customers and employees. To improve internal quality management systems, environmental management and occupational safety management, an Integrated Management System Policy has been developed in line with the requirements of these standards: