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Glass sands coarse

Sands with extremely high content of SiO2 are an exclusive raw material for the glass industry, for the silicate chemistry products and for a wide range of use in other industrial areas. The sands are
being sold wet or dried, in bulk or in bags, transported on trucks or wagons.

Střeleč silica sands are improved natural raw materials. The above-mentioned information is based on average values. The data should be considered as indicative. Occurrence of coarser or finer
fractions in trace quantities is possible. The user should test the product and consider, whether it is suitable for the desired purpose. On the customer’s request we can discuss the tolerances of the products data.

Sale and delivery is always based on agreed commercial conditions and relevant company standard or a quality agreement.

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sklářské písky

Brand name Fe2O3 (max %) Granularity range (mm)
ST 08 0,008 0,10 – 0,63
ST 10 0,010 0,10 – 0,63
ST 15 0,015 0,10 – 0,63
ST 40 0,040 0,10 – 0,63

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