Premium sands

Premium glass sands 

Why are some of our sands called as premium? It’s all due to their unique chemical composition, with a minimum amount of Fe2O3, an extremely high SiO2 content and an unique grain shape. This means they can be used in the production of "extremely pure" molten glass. Glass melts at high temperatures and the melting process is very demanding on energy. So, this is where the undeniable economic benefits of using our sharp-edged sands come in, as they require less energy to melt. This goes for all types of crucible heating.

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Brand name Fe2O3 (max %) Granularity range (mm)
STJ 06 0,006 0,063 – 0,315
STJ 09 0,009 0,063 – 0,315
STJ 12 0,012 0,063 – 0,315
ST 08 0,008 0,10 – 0,63
ST 10 0,010 0,10 – 0,63